How to Deliver a Lead Magnet Using Flodesk

Hopped on the Flodesk train? Me too! It’s such a breath of fresh air, isn’t it?

One of the best ways to utilize your email marketing tool of choice (Flordesk or not) is to offer a lead magnet (also called a content upgrade or opt-in freebie) to add email subscribers to your list.

When you add subscribers to your list who are engaged and excited to hear from you, you will pretty much 100% grow your business and your business’s revenue. You’ll also become a lot closer to your audience and have a much clearer idea of WHO your audience is!


How to deliver a lead magnet with flodesk (Set up for freebie delivery email to auto-send when someone signs up.)


How to deliver a lead magnet to your subscribers using Flodesk

1.) Get your lead magnet put together

If you don’t have your lead magnet ready to go, you need to get this finished up first.


2.) Create a new form and create or choose a segment for these subscribers

Form design in Flodesk is a breeze – you can literally create a form from start to finish in under two minutes. And no code needed to make something absolutely stunning. When you create a new form, you’ll be asked for a segment to assign to the form. Create a new one or use an existing one. I have a lead magnet that targets wedding photographers (It’s a wedding photog pricing guide template if you’re curious) and my segment name is “Pricing Guide.”

Now to design the form!

A great opt-in form has all of these things:

  • An attention-catchy headline
  • A quick description of what they can expect from the freebie (Think benefits here, not features! What will they get out of downloading this?)
  • Not too many form fields to fill out
  • It should be 100% apparent that they’re signing up for a regular newsletter when they fill out this form


3.) Create a workflow

Click “Workflows” on the top menu in Flodesk and then “Create New” and then “Start from scratch.”

Click on “Add trigger” and a menu will pop up on the right-hand side of the screen. Under “Begin this workflow when…” select “A subscriber gets added to a segment.”

Select the segment you created while designing your new form. By doing this, you’re telling Flodesk that this workflow automation can only start when a subscriber signs up for this specific form.


4.) Create a freebie delivery email and add your link or file

Design + write a freebie delivery email that will fire off when someone signs up for the form you created. Add your lead magnet link or file to that email.

If you’re editing a template, click on the sections to change the font and colors to something more suitable for your brand. Then add in the content of your email: Text, photos, a preview of your Instagram feed, etc. If you’re creating from scratch, be sure to add your address and an unsubscribe link to the bottom of the email (Those are required to comply with email spam laws.) Templates already have these added, so you don’t have to worry about them if you’re using one.

Hot freebie delivery email tip: A preview/mockup of the lead magnet is always a good idea in this email! People are more likely to click and download your freebie if you give them a sneak peek here. And if they download your freebie and like it, they’re more likely to stay on your email list.

In a Flodesk freebie delivery email, you can add a link to your lead magnet or you can just add the file directly. Up to you! Add it to a button or to some plain text.

Finally, click “Finish” in the top-right corner and then “Publish” to publish your workflow.


5.) Publish the form and embed it on your website

The very last thing we need to do is to add the form we created to your website so that people can actually sign up to get the freebie!

To do that, go back to “Forms” on the top menu and then click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the form you want to use. Select “Embed.”

Now you’ll see two code snippets:

Header code: If you’ve already embedded a Flodesk form on your site, don’t worry about the top one. If this is the first Flodesk form you’re embedding, copy that code and add it on every page of your site above the closing </head> tag. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how to do this the non-techy way, using a plugin, if you haven’t done this before.

Inline code: Here’s the actual code for this specific form. Note that it won’t show up unless you’ve added the header code.

Add this code where ever you’d like your form to appear on your website, whether that’s your homepage, in one blog post, in every blog post, on a landing page, or wherever. You can use a page builder (Like Elementor) or you can just use the default WordPress editor to add this in.

If you’re using the WordPress editor, switch to the “Text” tab at the top before pasting the code in. The visual editor will spit out exactly what you paste in, so you’ll just see a bunch of code on your page if you put it there.


Prefer video? Here’s a quick overview of what I just covered inside of Flodesk:

Cool, thanks for being here! Drop me a comment if you’re having trouble with your freebie delivery sequence in Flodesk, cuz I’d love to help out.

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How to deliver a lead magnet workflow with Flodesk

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